We are the change that is needed to open doors to the future... Be Bold Brave, Caring, and Compassionate;

equality for all who are working to educate, innovate, and advocate the use of cannabis for consumption,  Eco friend Textiles, and Health and Wellness... These are the driving force of Cannabuzzradio.com

We are a hub for the cannabis community to bridge some of the cannabis miss conceptions, breaking down the doors of Stereotype one size fits all attitude as portrayed by the media, time and time again. As more and more people discover cannabis finding products and cultural changes that are taking place Cannabuzzradio.com will be a little lighthouse shining bright in Urban and Rural America!

We should be able to part take of the consumption of cannabis in an adult setting... Businesses should be able to have consumption areas, consumers within the legal age to purchase should have stores Lounges or Coffeeshop setup for both purchase and consumption... affordable housing maid with eco-friendly Hemp products, ... Affordable Cannabis with easy access throughout America for the Medical Cardholder and the recreational consumer